Nozzle Type Vaccum Sealers

Clutch Brake Module

Model : AZH-450-ES Height Controlled Nozzle Type Vacuum and Gas Flushing Sealers

This type can control the height of tray up to 150mm. Using this option, you can do vacuum and gas flushing Packaging for very voluminous Products such as many fold electronic plates. Especially a rubber plate is pasted on its tray for anti - static electricity. The function includes sealing, vacuum and gas flushing Packaging.

Vibration Control Module


■ Fully stainless steel
■ Vacuum sensor buint in control box


Function (gas flushhing is option)
■ Sealing
■ Vacuum → Sealing
■ Gas flushing → Sealing
■ Vacuum → Gas flushing → Sealing
■ Gas flushing → Vacuum → Sealing
■ Vacuum → Gas flushing → Vacuum → Sealing
■ Gas flushing → Vacuum → Gas flushing → Sealing
■ Vacuum → Gas flushing → Vacuum → Gas flushing → Sealing



Weight (㎏)
75 kg ( Notice : This value is changeable relying on vacuum pump type )
Stainless Steel
Sealing Bar Length (㎜)
450㎜ (option : 600, 800, double heat wire)
Sealing Bar Width (㎜)
5, 10㎜
Vacuum Pump
Ejector vacuum pump type, oil vacuum pump, oilless vacuum pump (Refer to selection method of vacuum pump)
Required Electricity
1ph, 220V, 50/60㎐ (Option : 110V)
Required Air Pressure
Max. instantaneous consumed electricity
1.8 ~ 4.0㎾ ( relying on sealing bar's length and width)
Maax. Final Vacuum
generally 85㎪ in case of using ejector type vacuum pump
Vacuum Creation
timer controlled / vacuum sensor controlled
Gas Flushing / Sealing / Cooling
timer controlled
Vacuum Visualisation
appears digitally on LCD panel of control box
Recommended for
very voluminous products such as many fold electronic plates

PROGRAM MODE FUNCTION (option) : to memorize various work forms combined with vacuum, gas flushing and sealing respectively among M1 ~ M8, besides S mode for only sealing and V mode for only vacuum and sealing. It is convenient in the case that there are several types of products to pack.

NOZZLE's FORWARD MOVEMENT DEGREE CONTROLLABLE ( option ) : The nozzle's forward movement degree can be controlled as user wants. So, in the case thick product like many fold tray, user can set the nozzle to move deeply into packing film so that it can get close to the packed object.

Accessories ( Free Of Charge ) :

■ Spare Parts - Heat Wire, Teflon Sheet, Fuse
■ Tools - Wrench Set, Spanner, Driver
■ Others - Work Tray, Tool Box