Other Products and Services we offer

P. J. Electronics prides itself on providing quick and professional services for our clients as per their requirements.

1. Product Development
We undertake development jobs related to following:
Analog and digital Integrated Circuits.
Micro controllers / Embedded PC based controls.
The applications to which these may be employed are:
Physical Parameters Sensing, Converting, Processing and controlling; like temperature, pressure, torque, displacement (linear and angular), speed, light intensity etc. Physical events sensing and Digital Outputs control according to predetermined sequence. Timing applications: Various types of On delay, Off Delay, Cyclic timers or fixed/ variable types are possible. Timers with long duration are also possible. Power supplies: Linear or switching AC / DC power supplies of various ratings, required for electronic control systems.

2. Product manufacturing
We undertake manufacturing for various electronic products/ Control panels right from assembly upto testing. These products may have been developed by us or they can be manufactured as per the specifications received from the clients.