Fish Bone Tweezer Ⅲ

Commercial use ‘Fish de-boning tool’ Tip lets you firmly grip bones and easily remove them

Commercial use ‘Fish deboning tool’

For removing salmon pin bones, etc.

For big or small fish

Tip lets you firmly grip bones and easily remove them

It is easy for anyone to remove fish bones quickly and cleanly with minimum effort.

Fish bone tweezer 3 can be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned

Made of stainless steel

For Food processing plants, supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

Non-slip ergonomic grip makes deboning a breeze

Demonstration Videos

Fish bone tweezer Ⅲ


Specially constructed pincher head

The specially shaped narrow tip lets you firmly grip bones and easily remove them.

Leaves flesh intact

The specially designed curved tip pushes down the flesh and makes it easy to remove the bones leaving the fish intact.

A handle shape to suit the job

The handle is easy to grip and slip-resistant which reduces fatigue and makes it easier to hold, increasing work efficiency.

Detachable structure

Detachable structure for cleaning

It can be removed for thorough cleaning

You can take off the spring and remove the handle to enable thorough cleaning for better sanitation. It is made of stainless steel to be sanitary with a long service life.

For Food processing plants

For Food processing plants

For supermarkets

For supermarkets


Product NameFish Bone Tweezer Ⅲ
Product NumberASR-003
Material / Tip parts, SpringStainless steel
Material / Handlepolypropylene
Dimensions126 x 80 mm