PEONY Hand wrapper

High energy efficiency model which is assembled with easy changeable parts.

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Cling film wrapping Machine PEONY Hand wrapper


High Corrosion Resistance; GALVALUME BODY

GALVALUME has proven its superior performance as a building material and also offers a very attractive appearance.

Easy maintenance

It is possible to change all parts easily by using only one screwdriver. All electric parts are assembled by a connector plug.

Embossed heating plate with special coating

Excellent in heat resistance. Non stick heating plate.

Heating blade

Non stick blade with special coat.

Durable enough for heat resistance.

Tension adjustment

Be able to draw the film smoothly. It is also possible to pack up neatly by adjusting the tension.

Antistatic roller

To keep dust away, antistatic roller is used.

It is useful to keep the film clean.

Available in any stretch film.

POLY WRAPPER is available in any stretch film. Olefin film which needs stable and high temperature is also possible to use.


Product NamePEONY Hand wrapper
Product NumberB-45PN(100V)/B-450JP(220V)
Power source100V/220V
Hot plate size375×122mm
Film width450mm
Product NamePEONY Hand Wrapper
Product NumberU-45PN(100V)/U-450JP(220V)
Power source100V/220V
Hot plate size375×122mm
Film width450mm