Milk /oil packaging machine controller

4.3 inch 10 I/O touch Screen PLC suitable for Impulse and continuous MILK filling FFS machine and oil filling machine with CBC/VFd/Stepper motor control feature for Paper pulling.


  • MS enclosure size: W (130) X L (160) X H (118) mm front plate: (150X150) mm
  • Input supply: Ac 230V and EXT + 24VDC
  • 16X2 LCD Display
  • Tactile user friendly Key board
  • Mounting: Front Panel Type
  • Micro Controller based System


  • Suitable for Mechanical FFS machine for packaging of Oil, Milk, etc Liquids
  • Built in Photo eye logic 
  • Built in film unwinding and Clutch brake logic
  • LED for inputs and output status
  • Built in 8 inputs and 8 outputs.
  • All cards detachable plug and play type for easy servicing.