VS-350M/VS-450M Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer

Merits of Motor Driven Model

  • No need of compressed air (connect electric only)
  • Useful office, laboratory, small shop, etc. (Quiet)
  • Use STS 304 / Useful in the cleanroom
  • Low price, compact size and simple to use
  • Output DC 24V: electrically stable Model
  • Very easy to maintenance
  • Vacuum packing: 1,500 times/day (A4 Size)
  • Sealing Length: 350mm, 450mm, 600mm
  • Detachable work tray with height adjustable by 15cm
  • Option: gas flushing, up & low heat wire, vacuum pump upgrade, emergency switch

Application of Motor Driven Model

  • Electronic component & Semiconductor field: IC, metal part, medical, optics, museum, etc.
  • Food field: cereals & nut, coffee & tea, salad, dried fish & fruit, cheese, frozen food, etc.
  • Fit for small office or shop
  • Little tools & applicator for sanitary in the clinics & hospital, dental clinic, art or beauty shop, etc.
  • Small, medium & large mart, industrial supplies market, tool store, etc.
  • Purpose: particle remove, scratch protection, upgrade packaging, etc.
Model Sealing Length Sealing Width Vacuum Pump Packing Count Electric Spec Impulse consumption
VS-350M 350mm 5mm Motor Pump
Pump Upgrade
(depend on the items)
10mm 1.5kw
VS-450M 450mm 5mm 1.3kw
10mm 1.7kw
VS-600M 600mm 5mm 1.9kw
10mm 2.3kw


  • All figures are changeable by various situations.
  • This motor driven model must be used for film thickness less than 125㎛(up & low: 250㎛)
  • Vacuum pump 140LPM upgrade model assembling pump into the separate case (160270200mm STS 304 materials)

Packing Samples