Optical Sensors

Photoelectric Sensor

ModelThru – BeamDiffuse BeamRetro – Reflective
Size ( mm)M18 x 60M18 x 65M18 x 65
Sensing Range (mm)Upto 10000100 / 200 / 300 / 5001000 / 2000
LogicPNP / NPN
ContactNO / NC
Operating Voltage10 – 30 V DC ( -15 / + 10% )
Max output current200 mA
Switching Frequency200 Hz
Temp. Limit-10 to 60˚ C
Short ckt ProtectionPresent
Electric ProtectionAgainst Polarity Reversal
End connection2 M Cable / M 12 connector outlet
Housing MaterialNickel Plated Brass also Available in : Plastic / Teflon

■ Easy of installation
■ Ajustable sensivity levels
■ Compact & miniatuorised versions
■ High degree of interference protection
■ Auto-Diagnostics & networking options
■ Easily visible light indicators enven-from long distance

■ long sensing ranges
■ Possibility of small object detection
■ Able to detect virtually any target material
■ Able to detect color, texture and shape variations

■ For checking presence, shape, color, distance & thickness – optimised for robotics automation, assembly and handling
■ Part detection and counting, stock height monitoring, thought glass-sensing, small parts orientation, marking detection, level detection, etc.
■ Finds applications in wide range minerals including textiles, Aerospace, Healthcare, Fabricated metal industries, Material handling, Food processing packaging. etc.

Technical Specification

Number of beams (Max.)9440
Response time (mS)69.2100
Range of detection0-3000mm0-3000mm
Active protection height20-1841mm750mm
Vertical mounting tolerance+/-20mm / 10\”+/-20mm / 10\”
Horizontal mounting tolerance+/-30mm / 7\”+/-30mm / 7\”
Light immunity (LUX)100000100000
Operating temperature-200C+650C-200C+650C
LED indicatorsGreen power supply
Red industrial indicators
Green power supply
Red industrial indicators
Housing MaterialAluminium alloy, finished blackAluminium alloy, finished black
Housing Diamension (L)2000mm880mm
Housing Diamension (W)38mm30mm
Housing Diamension (D)10mm12mm
Housing consumption3W3W
System markingCE