Static Eliminator and Bars

What is Static ?
Static is stationery electric charge, which forms on the surface of non-conduction ( Insulators ) and un-grounded isolated conductors. Friction pressure and separation are the main reason for creation of static. If two materials come in contact with each other and then separated, electronics may be transferred from one to other. A charge in temperature also create charge.

Static electricity is thus the imbalance of positive and negative charges. When a moving web comes in contact with a rubber, steel or aluminium roller and separated from it, static electricity gets created on web both web and the roller. Bare films, paper and rubber roller being non-conductive, there is no free flow of electrons. Thus the static charge on films and paper dissipate very slowly.

Metals roller are foils being conductive allow free flow of electrons to ground, since they are invariability earthed conductors will develop a static charge if they are insulated from ground. The magnitude of the static charge will depend on the materials, applied forces, separation rate, temperature and relative humidity.

What is a Static Eliminator ?
A static eliminators, as the name imply is a device or tool that is used to neutralize and restore the electrical balance in a wide range of industrial applications like cleaning dust and getting rid of materials that stick to products. You can also do away with unwarranted accident from hazardous shocks and sparks that are generated due to static charges.

Industries Using this Technology
Plastic Processing: Foil processing, packaing machines, foil extruders etc. Textile Industry: Weaving and spanning mils, textile, finishing plants etc. Graphic Industry: Screen and tampon printing machines, photographic and film processing machines folding machies etc. Painting / Sprying works hops: Car painting / spraying, painting / spraying of plastic components etc.

Static charge is an excellent means of temporarily bonding materials.
Static charges can be used to stick BOPP / PP / polystyrene foil material to the inner mold surface during injection molding, a procedure which greatly improves finished product quality. The Foil will not slip or change position in the mold due to charging.

Decorate you Injection Molded Product to look more charming a multi color foil on Plastic Items like Thermo ware products, Casseroles, Tiffin, Water Jug, Tray, Glass, Coasters, Mug, Lunch Box, Compass Box, Water Bag, Bucket, Tumbler, Icepail and many other household, advertising and gift items which can be Injection molded.

Benefits :

  • Easy to install
  • Accurate output power
  • Small, compact and economical design,
  • Low maintenance
  • User friendly
  • Maximum operator safety
  • Efficient Charging


  • Rugged powder coated metal box
  • Hermitically sealed epoxy Transformer
  • Plug and Socket Static charger handle
  • Light weight charger handle


  • Input power : 230 V AC 50 HZ .single phase
  • Output Voltage : 7 Kv
  • Power Consumption : 20 Watts.
  • Dimensions : 225 mm x 135 mm x 150 mm.
  • Weight : 5.5Kg


  • Foil Charging in Injection Molding and Blow Molding Machines, FFS packaging machines